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Designing a Date Plan Any Woman Can’t Resist

At some point in my game, around my early 20s, I discovered that it was really easy to get isolated with a woman on any night I went out. I could game up a set, get a number, call her a few days later, and soon she would be sitting on my bed watching a movie with me. But at that time, the problem was, I hadn’t done enough A3 or comfort in order to escalate.

There was this weird pressure for me to make a move, even though there wasn’t enough comfort established. I discovered that I could get women over at my place, but I couldn’t make anything happen after that point. The solution, for me, was to design a specific date plan that I could repeat over and over again—a routine I could practice on many different girls until I had my dating game tight. If you’re getting numbers but not having women want to start sexual relationships with you, it’s useful to practice your dating game in a structured way.

When designing my date, I decided it should have as many venue changes, and as many hours together, as possible. Moving and bouncing are powerful comfort builders, so I built these ideas into my date routine. Here’s what I came up with:

• (On the phone via voice message) “Let’s do sushi Wednesday night like we talked about. There’s a good place near where I live. Come by around seven and we’ll go eat.”

• 7:30 P.M. Girl shows up at my place. I come downstairs, but I’m not ready yet, so she has to hang “real quick.” She gets to see my pimp pad and my bay view, which she oohs and ahhs over. Then I hustle her out and we drive to the sushi shop. It familiarizes her with your place so that it’s not a big deal/fear of the unknown when you return! Better still, it makes her more curious about being in your apartment since you hustled her out to go eat.

• 8:00 P.M. We’re at the sushi place. Everyone here knows me by name and treats me like the rockstar that I am. They send complimentary sake and appetizer all from social interactions I’ve had and the relationships I’ve built over time. I have various routines that I always do . . . “can’t pour your own sake,” Japanese voice stuff, teach her chopsticks, et cetera. The specifics aren’t important. Most of the time here is vibing, practicing comfort, the question game, IVD’s, whatever. Getting to know each other.

• 9:00 P.M. “There’s this really cool cocktail bar across the street—let’s go check it out!” There’s a very cool cocktail bar with happy hour every Wednesday right across the street from this sushi place. I have a VIP card to the venue, so we don’t have to wait in line. I take the girl across the street, have a few drinks and more comfort building material, along with some push-pull to keep up the sexual tension.

• 10:00 P.M. As the crowd thickens, either I’m leading her through the crowd or I’ve got my arms around her for protection. We spend the next two hours (max) either laughing at their comedic dialogues or singing along with songs and dancing.

• Midnight. We drive back to my place. I say, “OK, you can come upstairs, but only for a few minutes. I have to work tomorrow.”

• 12:30 A.M. We’re sitting on my balcony making out. I take her by the hand, say, “Let’s go make out like a couple of teenagers,” and lead her back into my bedroom. 

Notice how this routine allows me to get in lots of venue changes, pass time with her, and also practice other bits of my game. When I need to attract, I can be cool and playful and use hot-cold dynamics. I can keep screening and qualifying her, and I can work on comfort building and kino escalation. This all occurs within a date structure that I can repeat every week with a new woman. So yeah, do the same and practice until it is tight.

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