Yes, we work with women too!

At AskColgate, our clientele consists of a little over 15% women. Having the male perspective from a well rounded, balanced and cultured man offers high caliber women insight and understanding on what is keeping them from a successful dating life or relationship.

We use different modules and exercises when consulting with Women, however, the same level of service and attention to detail is given to all of our female clients so transformations can happen. Over the years, AskColgate has inspired exceptional results in successful women all over the world.

Just see what Laura, a former client, had to say about her experience.

Colgate has an eye for detail that allows him to understand the mind a quality woman should have. He isn’t the sleazy dating guru you find online, he is a breath of fresh air. He gave feedback on how my behavior and delivery were viewed by the men I was dating. He encouraged me to be better while providing me with a support system and action plan to do so. He simply understands women.

-Laura, Malibu, California

You’ll learn:

  • How to approach people, be approachable, engage in conversations, and be a woman no man can resist.
  • How to screen guys agendas and test them for character traits beyond the surface.
  • How to talk and create impact with everyone to leave an unforgettable impression.
  • Instant feedback on your approaches and communication skills and how to improve them.
  • Empowering the mind through balance and way of being to build out of this world confidence.

Ready to have a better dating life and relationships?

Please send us an inquire with the subject line “For Women” or fill out this form and we will happily assist you.

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