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How To Be an Attractive Older Man

If there is one thing that all men need to understand about attracting and keeping women, it’s that high-value male behavior matters more than anything. High-value male behavior conveys to women you are seasoned and have success attributed to your efforts on the planet. The world presents all men with a saturation of experiences so how he behaves within those experiences will shape his mannerisms, behavior, confidence, etc. Not to mention any characteristics that have been passed down genetically. Typically speaking, older men are expected to have more characteristics checked off than a younger man due to more life experience from time alone. When a man fails to personify success and confidence he limits his potential to impact others and ultimately will be seen as unfit by high-value women. This is the primary reason why women are attracted to older men. Generally speaking, older men typically behave or come off as having a higher value than younger men do.

Have you ever wondered why women your age are always dating older men? It’s not really because age is a biological factor that makes men better than younger men, technically speaking, testosterone peaks between 18 and 25. However, this isn’t what women are interested in. Don’t let anyone fool you into thinking women find testosterone-driven behavior attractive because they don’t. Evolutionarily speaking, women are interested in protector and provider qualities and characteristics. This means, how well you protect your loved ones, but also what resources do you have to facilitate the survival aspect we thrive to be successful at. Testosterone can assist in your drive to accomplish this but should not govern behavior.

The Power of Being Older:
There is a reason why women generally date and marry older men. A mans value does not peak so long as he actively grows his value. Many would tell you that a man who is around his twenties is more fun and dangerous, following the tale of the bad boy belief. Women seek comfort, not necessarily being dangerous. A woman is going to be much more comfortable and happy being in a relationship with a man that has his life together, confidence from previous success, and an ability to create his reality and hers through his resources and connections.

First, let’s talk about the expectation in terms of the social value of an older guy. One of the quickest ways to gain attraction from a woman is getting social proof from other women. It just makes sense for women to be attracted to a guy who is also attractive to other women. With that said, an older man is expected to have gathered more experience with women so, therefore, has more understanding and know-how as to what women want and how to behave around them, grow a relationship with them and handle the day to day scenarios that present with them.

Older men are expected to take the lead, compromise for the better sake of the relationship, work actively to maintain the relationship and also provide to allow for growth. I agree with all of these. Older men have had more time, so one can infer that they have used that time to set up a life they are happy with. How can you expect to bring a top-quality person into your life that stays and works to stay if you have not done the work to make yourself top quality? Older men need to understand that being or getting older is an advantage and stop using it as an excuse to not develop their skillsets.

Why the Allure of Older Men is More Powerful Than You Think:

For a woman, older men have more authority. when you’re with a woman that you like, she will take you much more seriously than a younger guy. She will be fascinated by everything you say, and value the time you’re spending with her. In addition to that, older men have authority in their knowledge, the older you are, the more experienced and wise you become. As long as you convey and demonstrate it, your experiences and know-how is valued.

Success, when coupled with age, is a serious combination; it gives the highest value you can get that signals to women that you have experience, money, status, power, and influence over other men, which makes you a leader. Thus, she can be comfortable and relaxed; because you can provide comfort, status, and resources that other guys don’t have access to. The young, clearly obvious college kid does not convey the same.

There is a fantasy, mystery, and intrigue around older men that young men don’t have. The ‘good danger’ part is arguably even more powerful with older men. In a woman’s head, a high value older guy is harder to attract and secure as a mate than a younger guy. Her sexual market value is by default going to increase, winning an older guy for a woman means she is desirable. She was able to align with someone of value instead of winning over the eager guy that couldn’t get anything else. The feeling is different.

Why Older Guys Are Not Taking Advantage of Hitting their Prime:

Unfortunately, the power of older age is not used to its full potential by most men. What one sees oftentimes is an older guy ruining the fantasies of the woman he has been trying to lure. If you fall for her very soon and admit that you ‘like/love’ her and that she is the best you have been with, you just destroyed your entire value in her eyes. Simply said, most men convey and telegraph their interest way too early. In her mind, a woman with an older guy that she has easily seduced and locked in is a man that has failed to attract enough women in his lifetime. A guy who is very easily attracted is not experienced, and being older and not experienced is the worst.

When we speak about older men with women, it’s not necessarily an age gap factor. While it’s true that men tend to marry women younger than themselves, the truth remains that old men are desired by young and old women equally. Whether in the street, workplace or anywhere, an older man carries with him a prestige that a young guy doesn’t.

In this day and age, it is obvious that roles have been shifted, however in terms of alignment the traditional gender roles still are the majority. Women date older men as a norm. As an older man, you must work at putting social skills, lifestyle, experiences in order. As a younger guy, it is your job and responsibility as a man to not let problems to surface from lack of work on yourself. Working for your older days is something you never truly appreciate until you need it. Don’t be like most men and wait until hitting rock bottom, bad behavior is solidifying each day along with a limited mindset and views on reality.

The Problem with Young Men and How They Use their time: aka YOLO mentality

Being mature is such an underrated phase of a person’s life, you see many people talk about how good it was when they were young or ‘the good old days’. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. When you are young, you are not supposed to have fun, party, get drunk every other day and waste your time with unproductive activities. Being young is the greatest opportunity you have to build your life for the years to come. This is why young guys are full of vigor and determination, but unfortunately, none of that gets converted to real tangible things that will help them in their future or older days.

The worst part about this is that the lack of work that men do in their younger days becomes the chore of their maturity. When you are a young man, you are supposed to be a warrior, a fighter and a builder, and creator of your reality. When you are mature, however, you are supposed to be the king; you sit down and have the fun you’ve built for yourself in your days of vigor. People respect you and make you an example to follow.

Old age does not need any tips or tricks, you don’t need to psychologically use words and actions to make women attracted to you since your history speaks for you. For women, mating meant survival. So when a woman can secure and attract an older guy who has followers and influence, she has by definition gained the privileges as well. This was back in the day, but that truth remains even today, perhaps not economically since women can survive, but it is true socially. A woman whose husband or boyfriend is a mature successful man with high value is also a high-value woman by default if she was not prior to aligning with him. Think of examples in our everyday life, if a girl was able to make the president chief manager of Amazon Jeff Bezos attracted, then she too gains access to his “creation power”. Jeff is an extremely successful entrepreneur and a lead in today’s modern world.

How To Take Advantage of Your Age: Turn a Number Into Power

It’s never too late to build your kingdom; as a matter of fact, the advantage of being older is that you have more resources to create it. Finding work and business partners when you are older is significantly easier, people tend to respect and value older peers.

One of the biggest mistakes an older guy can make is not carrying the “mature” frame. When a woman meets an older guy and he acts like a nervous teenager, she immediately thinks that something is wrong. So carrying yourself with a vibe and confidence that conveys maturity, experience, and know-how will command respect from people around you. A very fatal mistake some older men do when dating women is that they try to fit their partner’s age and lifestyle, so they would dress down, get an edgy haircut and start doing habits that young guys do. Use your age to work for you and not against you.

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