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You don’t get in life what you want. You get in life what you are. 

I know you are here to improve your dating life… so, let me introduce you a bit to my teaching approach. 

I am a bit like a golf professional at your local golf course. 

Let me explain. 

I love the game of golf but find the game challenging, to say the least. Priorities in life (i.e., children, family, work, writing a book) also keep me from playing with any regularity.

Nevertheless, I do want to improve, so from time to time I may take a golf lesson from a trained golf professional. 

What normally happens in a lesson is that the golf pro will take me out to a driving range where he will throw a dozen or so balls down on the grass.

He will then ask me to take the club I am most comfortable swinging and, without giving any instruction, will have me hit the balls.

Invariably, the first few will be straight down the middle, the customary 150 yards.

However, fear soon enters my brain and the pulls and the slices, the fat shots and thin shots, start to rear their ugly heads.

When all the balls have been hit, I don’t turn to the pro and say, “What am I doing right?” –instead, I am more likely to turn to him and say “What am I doing wrong?”

The golf pro, by virtue of the fact that he has likely hit thousands of balls more than me, has had many more hours of instruction, and has played many more holes in his life, understands the importance of a proper grip and fundamentals of a swing and is far more qualified to tell me what to do to make myself a more successful golfer.

So, I shut up and listen to what he has to say.

It is not my position to tell him what I am doing wrong, but for him to tell me what I am doing wrong.

From there… it is up to my skill and ability to fix it. 

In other words, he can teach me how to fish, but I still have to do the fishing.

Think of Colgate as your golf pro for your dating life — a mentor that will help you tweak your thinking so you can have an “unfair advantage” at winning the game of love 

You are obviously reading this because you need some guidance.

That’s a sign of wisdom — and stupid people rarely go out of their way to invest their time and money on learning from others who are much more successful. 

Which means, you are already on track to being your absolute best self. 

So, if you are interested in significantly reducing your learning time and architecting your ideal love life — it’s time to invest in one of our classic programs below:


Over three days and two nights, our Results Bootcamp will help you understand the critical factors impacting your interactions right now , then refocus and realign the social dynamics strategy and psychology you need for success just like you’ve seen on TV and read in the books.
Duration: 3 Days/2 Nights


A private experience while still obtaining all the skills and knowledge of a bootcamp for three days and two nights one-on-one with Colgate in one of his exclusive homes around the world. Absorb insights from Colgate directly on demand that fits your personality directly with an experience you’ll never forget.

Duration: 3 Days / 3 Nights


This exclusive event is only reserved to a small group of pre-screened applicants. Imagine, over seven days, being able to download everyting Colgate has learnd over 16+ years directly into your brain. Get a serious “behind the curtain” peek into the matrix of social interactions that 99% of the world will never know about.

Duration: 7 Days


Rules are meant to be broken. We’re told to wait our turn, to walk before we can run, to be gracious in defeat. No. It is time to ifnore convential wisdom. To rip the rulebook and live life as we see fit. Over a year, Colgate brings together the finest material, cutting edge technologies and the unrivalled expertise of his coaching and mentorship to create a unique social skills artist that will be the King of Kings.

Duration: 1 YEAR


Created for those who concieve and acvhieve the impossible in life. For those who value rarity in it’s most authetic form, The ICON Protege Society is an experience without compromise. With ambious vision, there has to be ambious execution. Ever detail of the program is refined. Every skill is learned with absolute devotion to the will of the Protege. The result is an ICON that the world over will talk about.

Duration: 2 YEARS

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