He's been there. He’s done that. He can speak from experience. He helped me believe in myself. I can’t tell you how many times I turn to Colgate for his words, his inspiration, and the difference that they have made for me has been incredible. I did a complete turnaround in my goals, my thinking and my success.
Private Client
Executive Director
Colgate is the most dynamic human being I've ever met. He taught me things my parents, school and the world never did. It doesn't matter what you are, who you are or what you have holding you back, this man can change your life as he has changed mine... and that I promise!
Kijung P
Data Analyst
Colgate's incredible understanding of the world, people and human nature makes him the ultimate dating mastermind. He knows what it takes to make people transform and inspired me to take my social and dating skills to the next level. He really knows how to bring out the best in you so that you consistently peak perform.
Private Client
NFL Athlete
Colgate delivered for me, in a big way! He held my hand the entire time and has brought so much value to my life. Having Colgate with you and watching your back is the most supportive feeling. I'm very thankful for Colgate and his patience and experience to teach this awesome stuff to us guys. 
Dante P
Construction Worker
Because of what I learned on a Residential, I now have a wonderful life; my career is better than ever; and in the six months since the program, I’ve gone from having practically zero dates to endless options with women i used to dream about! Colgate gives you all the tools, they hit your brain, and wham, you change – and people see and feel it! This stuff really works!
Private Client
FBI Agent
I took the teachings and systems I learned from Colgate and started asking myself better questions and living my life in better ways. I soon learned that I was only limited by my beliefs and my inability to see things clearly. Colgate has astonishing credibility in opening your eyes and mind. I have never seen a more powerful system or a more powerful coach. He walks his talk.
Steven D
Engineer, NASA

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I first made contact with Colgate around 6 years ago (2011) and we spoke on the phone about doing a boot camp in NYC.
At that time, I had recently broken up with my long-term girlfriend (high school), endured a major family tragedy, and my life just wasn’t how I wanted it to be.  I suffered from extreme social anxiety and at that time was getting better being social but knew that I needed something more.  My social anxiety was crippling and I was depressed.  Even going to the mall caused me to feel completely threatened and anxious. 
I don’t think I would have taken the measures to seek out help if it wasn’t for Colgate.  After a few phone calls I immediately knew he was a genuine person, who made me feel like I could tell him anything, and he did what he said he was going to do and that was help me figure what my problems were and help me correct them. Colgate delivered for me, in a big way!
I couldn’t figure out why my relationship went to shit.  I couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t meet and attract the type of women I was into.  I couldn’t figure out anything basically.  I was a mess, but I was determined.  I had never dated anyone besides my ex girlfriend who I met in high school and had been with only three women sexually in my life at this time. 
I called Colgate to set up a weekend for a bootcamp.  
So I made plans to do a boot camp with Colgate and one other student.  My plan was to learn game and a new skill set all to “get my ex girlfriend back.”   Two days before my flight, I read in our local newspaper that my ex girlfriend had gotten married.  I was shocked, devastated, and completely caught by surprise.  I canceled my bootcamp immediately.
  I was astonished as to how calm and cool Colgate was about me telling him that I couldn’t make the bootcamp.  Literally, I was a crying, sobbing mess, and couldn’t function.  There was no way that I could attend and put forth the effort needed to learn what I needed to learn.
  We rescheduled; a month later I had a one-on-one with Colgate for four days.  It changed my life.  I truly mean it.  That first night of the bootcamp I was petrified and froze up.  I didn’t talk to a single person.  I felt like my life and physical safety was being put on the line if I was to approach a stranger and talk to them.  The idea of death was real, although logically I know that wasn’t true but emotionally it was a reality. Colgate and I got drunk off Jaeger shots that first night and he did some demos.
Over the course of that first boot camp I opened some sets and got to my DHV story.  I did this by Colgate really holding my hand and assisting me in getting to that point.
  My very first set was a woman in her late 50’s from Australia who thought that Colgate and I, were just the coolest people.  Colgate assisted me in starting up a conversation with her and telling her my DHV story.  It felt so good to get to that point in the process.
I watched Colgate interact with various people and get into different situations.  I learned so much from watching and asking questions. 
By the last day of our boot camp in 2011, we had an amazing night out.  I felt like this was how you’re supposed to do things.  I was at a bar.  I was relaxed and comfortable at a bar. I was having fun. I was having fun with girls. This was new for me.  I was enjoying this.
By the end of the night I had a girl on my arm, she wanted to take me back to her apartment. That wasn’t why I was there, so Colgate and I shook her off. But it showed me the potential.
Then I flew back home…
When I arrived back home, I knew I had to work to do.  The first thing I did was I went out and bought a new lamp for my living room.  I felt better knowing that I was working on my seduction location.
  I worked on my home a little at a time as I revamped my personal style and began using the material I learned with Colgate.
  A few months after the boot camp is when things started to really come together.  I flubbed and flubbed my openers and DHVs but kept plowing forward and one day while at a casino I started a conversation with a girl behind me using one of Colgate’s over the shoulder openers and we had a very good interaction.  I got tons of IOI’s and responded accordingly.
  She was giving resistance and all kinds of shit tests and I kept rolling with it and went for a kiss after she said, “Don’t even think about kissing me.”  Normally, I would have interpreted this logically.  We ended up making out at the bar in the most inappropriate and sloppy manner. It was a lot of fun.
That was my first ever time that I had sex with a women I just met.  My first ever one night stand.  I had to call my Dad in the morning to come get me at this hotel because I didn’t have a ride home.
  After that, I trusted what Colgate taught me and of course I called him with the details.  After not being with a woman for over a year, feeling defeated, unattractive, and generally worthless, I now felt unstoppable.
  From that point on, I was able to start and hold conversations with women in social settings and the feeling was amazing.  I wish my ex and I split sooner. 
I had a few short term relationships, one night stands, lots of great dates.  Not all dates ended in sex, but I had a fun time and that’s all that mattered to me.  I was attracting women and that’s what I wanted.  This shit was working.
  Then, one night I didn’t want to go out, I went out and saw some attractive blonde girl giving me approach indicators.
  So after I finished my conversation I was in the middle of, I approached her and ran my material.   We had fun and I dealt with more shit tests than I ever had in my entire life and now that girl ended up being my girlfriend two weeks later.
  The game never stopped just because I was now in a relationship.  I still applied the basic principles I learned from Colgate that year and a half ago.  I had to lead, be calm and in control, make decisions, handle situations.
  My girlfriend is truly the happiest girl in the world.  I get all the validation I can ever ask for.
  But I took another bootcamp anyways.
  I decided that I wanted to continue my journey learning because doing a bootcamp with Colgate has brought so much to my life.
  I still wanted to sharpen up my skills socially.  Not because I’m un happy or anything like that.  But because for me there’s still more to learn.
  In life, things change and I want to always be prepared.  Not just in dating but in my career, with my friendships, and my family.  I am the tribal leader and I want to always strive to be the best version of myself I can be.
  So this time around the bootcamp consisted of three other guys, myself, and Colgate.
  What an experience from the first time.  Being able to meet like minded guys who were all there to better themselves was really an added benefit.
We was taught a more streamlined approach than I previously learned.  It’s a faster method to create attraction and it works.
  During the day we studied and practiced and at night we went in field.  It felt great to watch guys I had just become friends with work their game and you learn so much from watching and even more from doing.  Having them and Colgate with you in field and watching your back is the most supportive feeling. 
I truly feel like this bootcamp has made me better than before.  This skill set works in life, for job interviews, and dating. 
Plus, I can attend any other bootcamp (seminar portion) for FREE for a whole year. 
This program will help anyone who is looking to truly dive deep and get to the bottom of their sticking points and excel their lives in the direction they want it to go. 
I’m very thankful for Colgate and his patience and experience to teach this awesome stuff to us guys.
If you’re serious about enhancing your life, this is the right program.

Review by:
Dante P
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First of all, both Mystery and Colgate are great dudes. From the first day all throughout the program they really wanted to help everyone get up to speed and both are passionate about game. They took turns teaching and both provided infield routines and strategies and concepts during the program. Another instructor was observing as well and he came out infield with us and offered students feedback. Mysterys gf was also at the program and she came out infield as well.
I had high expectations for the bootcamp and somehow the bootcamp still met and exceeded my expectations. The reason I took this bootcamp is i have been in the game off and on for about ten years. I was in a 6 year ltr where I didnt game much and have been back gaming the past few years. Long story short, I had no consistent gameplan or strategy infield and I felt like I was spinning my wheels. I was just spam approaching girls at bars and hoping something sticks. I knew Mystery was THE GUY when it comes to cold approach pickup so one day at work I typed in Mystery method bootcamps and i was blown away that he was teaching a new years Toronto program. I decided this was fate and the universe wanted me to take this bootcamp. He is rarely in Canada as he lives in Europe now and I knew this was a once in a lifetime opportunity.
The program was three days seminar, and three nights infield which was honestly amazing to have six hours of intensive seminar teaching over three days and then roll out in field for three nights to try out the learning. 
I cant really go into the tactics because there is way too much to cover but the bootcamp was structured really well. 
We started with the basics and then built on the information on day 2 and day 3.
  The goal of the first infield night was Mystery and Colgate wanted to see where we were all at. I had been using direct openers prior to the bootcamp and I was just totally frusterated with my lack of results and the quality of girls I was attracting.
  Seminar day 1 was intensive, and we hit two lounges and one club for the infield. The lounges were fairly dead so it was a challenge with a huge cock farm of dudes lol but the club was awesome and we got some good sets in at the end of the night. My best set was a cute brunette at the second club who I opened with one of the openers they gave us, and then rifted into some other stuff. A dude came into the set and I treated him like an “ugly girl” as they taught us. And shook his hand and chatted and then he left. So that was cool because I rarely open mixed sets and even when I do I dont know what to do with the dudes. Treating them like ugly girls is a good way to look at it. 

Constant feedback during the program for me (and others) was to smile more, to practice the material rather than focus on the outcome of a number or close, and to work on the indirect approach like body language, time constraints, and other goodies that we learned. 

This approach to game is totally different than what I have been doing the past year so I have to relearn game. 

Second day at seminar everyone was more loose and relaxed and there was more camaraderie among the group. We covered a lot on the second day as well and I was feeling amped and excited to sarge at the night time portion. The first venue was a lounge the second night and I opened a few seated sets which have been challenging for me in the past and I usually avoid it. I also opened a table of four hot girls by taking their photo and used a false time constraint and an opener before I ejected with pleasure meeting you. For me that was a victory because the first night i was still opening like 6’s and 7’s and I wasnt on program to do that. I wanted to learn how to get hotter girls with actual strategy. 

Both Mystery and Colgate look like super cool dudes. Mystery doesnt really peacock anymore. Colgate dresses cool but again, not really peacocked. They know how to chat with bouncers and staff in order to get us into the right venues which was great. They pre planned all the venues beforehand which was also great. 

Mystery doesnt push you into sets, but he will say “Beautiful three set” and its upto you to open. I opened three girls in the lobby of the lounge before our cabs arrived and I got some practice in before the second venue.
  The second club was a louder smaller place and I got blown out by some ugly girls which was deflating but then I thought, oh well, they didnt realize I was leonardo dicaprio cause they havent seen Titanic. That was one of the analogies they used on program.
  My best set of the second night was a seated brunette set where I opened the two set and her friend basically just left and I sat down and chatted her for a good 20-30 mins. The interaction was good and she was touching me and leaning in and restarting the convo so I had the iois but I was playing it too safe and not creating enough tension in order to qualify properly. Which is the feedback Mystery gave me the next day. He said I need to create more tension so that it gives her an opportunity to qualify herself to me in the next stage of the pickup. Which made sense.
  Also, totally forgot, but I was practicing lock-ins and false time constraints as well. Colgate demonstrate opening a tough three set that was dancing and he basically went in with good energy and just took over the set. Colgate has really great energy infield which I am going to try to model. Also there was a secret club in that bar which I didnt get to check out but I think I will use that as one of my dhv stories.
  Third day I was totally wiped because I only got three hours of sleep the night before but it was another intensive day of amazing information. The amount of information we got over the three days of seminar is more comprehensive that anything ive ever seen online or what is available anywhere. This information to me is worth its weight in gold.
  Oh, I forgot the second night before the bar we were all telling jokes to each other and that really loosened up the vibe of the group and we all had more fun at the venue.
  The third night I was like okay fuck it im just going to leave it all on the table. I opened really at the club and although I prematurely ejected the first few interactions for no reason which is a sticking point of mine I eventually opened a brazilian chick who had three friends so it turned into a four set and I held it for about 30 mins. The only mistake I made is I switched targets which made me lose both girls. The one girl who was originally my target liked me but I switched to her friend and then when I invited her over to meet my friends she said no bring them over here. But, overall a good set.
  Colgate reminded me to smile more several times lol. Mystery saw me at one point and said “Next set solider” which helped me push myself to open some more sets even though I was gassed.
My favourite interaction of the night was I rolled up to the bar to get a redbull and this hot blonde was there and I said, whats your poison? and she said whiskey. I said I prefer vodka. Then I stacked an opener from bootcamp and i was fully in set with her even though her bf was right there. I ended up locking in with her and she admitted that she has trouble meeting cool guys and she will probably die babyless because of the scarcity of cool guys. She also called her bf a man-child who lives in his parents basement etc. But the point is, that was exactly my type of chick and it gave me hope that okay i CAN get this type of girl and with the right game I am way better than the options available to her. I still didnt create enough tension and qualify enough and I got too excited at one point so I still have work to do but that interaction is burned into my brain like, okay. I can get this type of girl and her bf isnt really cooler than me. Mysterys gf came in at one point to social proof me while i was talking to the blonde and that really helped too. She seems like a really nice person and that was also inspiring to see like okay, if I get good at this stuff I can get that quality of girl. 

We ended the night by trying to goto another venue which we were invited to by a guy from the first club. Unfortunately there were some logistical issues getting in, and it was past 2am, so I called it a night. Thanked Mystery for an amazing experience and I am not the best at expressing stuff in person but I want him and Colgate to know that it was a life changing weekend for me. I cant really express my gratitude in words because now I feel like I have a way to get the girls i want moving forwards and I am excited about game again. 

Overall it was an amazing program and both Colgate and Mystery are just really good dudes.
  Colgate mentioned at one point he is excited for 2018, and honestly, I am too. I am really excited to game again and I am looking forward to having high quality women in my life in the new year. 

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Twelve yeas ago, I first read The Game. I re-read it for the 5th time just before the Toronto bootcamp. I knew all about the negs, the openers, and the terminology. I also knew about the bootcamps and never thought I’d take one, especially not for $2,000. I paid $2,000 in bitcoin a month before the bootcamp. It was worth $4,000 by the time I attended. This review will explain why I’m satisfied with my decision to attend.
For three days in a row, we had lecture-style instruction for 6-8 hours during the day before you go out for the night. You go out with the other students, Mystery and Colgate, and optionally another person or two (prior student, or girlfriend of Mystery and/or Colgate).
The lecture time outlines a linear strategy towards approaching, creating attraction, and isolating the target (you don’t get to lay part). They also touch on your physical presence in the bar because now you are the watched, not the watcher. You need to appear calm, comfortable, and fun at all times. Smile!
The evening portion is crucial. Mystery and Colgate aren’t there to encourage you to approach. It’s like when someone hires a personal trainer for motivation. It never works. The motivation can only come from within. If you don’t first have that, don’t attend the class. It’s not built for that. If you do have the internal motivation (as Mystery says: The rewards are high), then 100% attend. The nuggets of information I got in field (slight adjustments to body language to communicate to watchers you are the one being gamed) were worth the price. Over the course of three days, I got six numbers. More importantly, I was excited to arrive at the front door of the bar rather than being nervous.
It’s so much more than picking up girls. It’s self-improvement.
The “openers” are the tip of the iceberg. The starting point that blossoms into something so much more
After attending the bootcamp, and getting a peek into the life of an mPUA, I know I want to integrate myself more into their world. These guys are fun. They don’t live boring lives. They’ve been able to influence their surrounding social environment to provide them with rich lives and opportunities that the rest of us never have by following the rules and not knowing how to stretch them.
When it’s all said and done, on the last day, I paid $85 for a round of shots to try and express my gratitude to both Mystery and Colgate. Consider yourself lucky to be reading this review and having somehow found the bootcamps.
Fast forward a few weeks and I still feel confident. Though, I know there’s so much more improvement to be had. Last weekend, I went out, got 3 numbers, and made out with one of the better looking girls in the bar. The bootcamp sets you up for future success. I won’t be reading The Game again. Now I know that it’s for beginners.

Review by
Danny R
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Just a quick review of my mind melting residential with Colgate.
I had taken a bootcamp prior to this and got the fundamentals from that program. However, I wanted more. I wanted to know the why behind things and I wanted to go deeper. To me this was a no brainer as Colgate is one of the few guys in the world with this knowledge and he was able to transplant a large chunk of it to me over the 4 days we spent together.
Just a quick comment about Colgate. The guy cares. He wants to get guys up to speed. He wants to share his knowledge. But he also has a low tolerance for excuses. If you want to learn and are ready to take action then he will help you out tremendously. But it isn’t a therapy session, it is an intensive infield and seminar information overload. By the end of it your brain will be fried and you will be like WTF lol But, you will leave with tools and knowledge NO OTHER MEN ON THE PLANET (aside from a select few) possess. So to me it was a no brainer. 

Highlights from the weekend include:
  • how to run mixed sets
  • how to interact with staff and hired guns
  • how to run a proper stack from start to finish (we worked on this and practiced this before rolling out)
  • smiling more 
  • getting girls to chase you and the overall frame of the pickup
  • watching Colgate demo mixed sets, hired guns, and macking my type of girls — this was really important for me personally
  • personalizing the program to individual sticking points (the residential is focused on YOU and what you need)
  • learning how to DHV !!!
  • learning how to NOT DLV!!!!
  • learning the delivery of the material (this was huge for me personally) this is a PERFORMANCE ART and I need to be more expressive
  • watching Colgate diffuse an AMOG flawlessly (stressful situation but I learned a lot from this)
  • hanging with Colgate before and after the bar watching him interact with hotel managers, club owners, doormen, waitresses
  • going to the hottest venues and having access because of Colgate
Those are just some of the highlights.
After the second day going into the third day I was overloaded with information. I had a rough first and second night on program because I was trying new material and tactics but by the third night I felt more loose and relaxed and I was smiling more and I was macking my types of girls more and they were actually receptive and gaming me back.
Now its about keeping the momentum going. I have the tools now to succeed. I have a gameplan now to succeed. I feel more confident in myself and the value I am offering to women. However, I still need the infield practice. 

This program was unreal for me personally but its not for everyone. Some guys want to learn the basics and get a girlfriend. Other guys want the tools to get the hottest girls. This program is the latter. You don’t need all of this knowledge to just get a girlfriend. However, it sure doesn’t hurt lol
  I consider Colgate a friend and mentor and I think mystery and colgate are doing the god’s work.

Thank you.

Review by
Jesse T
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This is my first ever bootcamp with Mystery & Colgate combined and the experience was extrondarnry! Everything I knew about pickup was turned on its head and saw how proper pickup is implemented and executed.
The main objective of this bootcamp was skill development and structure. My sticking points prior to coming in the bootcamp was following the 3 second rule and creating tension into the sets and transitioning to qualification.
Reading the mystery method and seeing how it’s taught are two different things. There are many interpretations of Mystery’s method online and learning from the actual source really opened up my eyes.
The following frame that was said in the bootcamp and was my mantra was: I’d rather aim high and miss than aim low and hit and Attraction is not a choice
Learning Mystery method is like working out. Your not going to get the results you want overnight but if you keep at it everyday the rewards from it are phenomenal. Learning how to appreciate the grind will get you far in this. With the skills you learn from this allows you to live the life people only dream about. Furthermore, this can be carried on to all aspects of your life and not only pick up.
The bootcamp itself was on point! Colgate kept everything on track and was making sure we were all getting the info down and mystery was spitting gems throughout the whole thing. Together they complement each other very well and created a perfect learning environment for creating bonafide and caring pua’s. They provided the tools we need to get success in the field and watching both of them infield was magic!
As soon as we went into field I followed the 3 second rule to the T and sets was ripping open left and right. My best set from the first night was opening up a two set which lead me to merge into their group and gave me that home base so at anytime I had to restart myself I can go back into the group. Another memorable moment was opening up a 5 set that turned into a 2 set and moving them to a more quieter place to proceed with qualification.
The second night was hectic and perfectly stimulated the club scene. It was an ideal training ground to develop what we have all learned from lecture and using it infield. I ended up opening 17 sets that night and really tested my skills. I saw new sticking points in my game such as the need to slow down my speech and talking louder and furthermore to create tension so the sets can respond to you better. Still had a blast in the venue and created many opportunities to allow to go back into my sets if I needed to catch a breather and collect my thoughts.
Overall the whole Bootcamp was amazing experience and would 10/10 recommend this to anyone that would want to take their game to the next level. The guys in the bootcamp are extraordinary with the exception to one (very strange vibe and seem to have a agenda). The other two guys mentioned though I would definitely roll with them!
It was a pleasure to work with Mystery & Colgate! I’ve learned a lot about myself and they really know there stuff. They speak from a place of passion and very genuinet unlike most pua’s in the field. Colgate is the king of soundbites and personally used a couple of them infield and they had a positive effect in my game. Mystery provided my with many insightful ideas on how I can become better and till this day his words push me to become better. It was nice to hear that he’s back into the game and mentoring again.
If you want to become the best into this game you have to learn from the source. Mystery & Colgate will take you to the top if you allow them and have an open mind. Appreciate the grind and the rewards will pay off!

Review by
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I had the pleasure and good fortune of receiving an invitation to Colgate’s New York City Bootcamp. Despite having just had an exhausting week and having high hopes for Saint Patrick’s Day in my local city, I gladly accepted the invitation, booked a flight, and made the trip. This was my third time attending a bootcamp with Colgate, though it was my first bootcamp wherein he was the sole instructor. Having interacted with him at two (2) prior bootcamps, I already knew he is a solid pickup artist and coach who can both “do” and “teach,” but I did not realize until after completing this third bootcamp exactly how great of a coach and pickup artist he really is.
Colgate demonstrated a command of pickup theory even down to the smallest nuances of intricate concepts that are commonly overlooked or taken for granted in pickup study. Lightbulbs illuminated and bells rung in my mind as he put practical application and understanding to theories and rules that I thought I had known for several years, but of which I learned I was actually unconsciously unaware. Several times during his presentations I found myself smiling and giggling with giddiness about my upcoming chance to put into practice the pickup secrets he was teaching.
He knows the material and the theory so well that he is able to condense it into a useful straightforward framework necessary to guarantee that he covers everything he intends in the short amount of time he has with his students. He was even prepared with an interactive guessing game of “pickup Taboo,” which helped us energize midway through the classroom sessions. He also struck the perfect balance between answering questions and keeping us on topic moving forward through the lessons.
He had the students rehearse canned material and also stand up and run physical drills with him as he assessed our unconscious weaknesses, shortcomings, and errors. This helped us work on our delivery and body language and was extremely valuable. Physical drills are an important part of many pickup programs that I think do not receive their fair share of time and attention, so I was delighted that we indulged in these. They brought a sense of reality to what we were doing, and we even felt stage fright similar to what we would feel in field hours later, which helped to prepare and desensitize us a bit.
After our first night in field, he brought me aside and met with me individually. It was about 3:00 a.m. I could tell that he was tired, but he sacrificed his own sleep to have a thorough discussion with me about where I was on my journey and what he assessed I must do to progress upward to avoid plateauing at my current skill level. This really impressed me and showed me a side of him of which I was unaware: his generosity, and his genuine care that I get it right.
Any seasoned pickup student who is not a sociopath or who is not emotionally exceptional knows the feeling of anxiety that strikes while on the way to the venue or upon arrival at the venue. The student also understands that the people who accompany him to the venue can have a major impact on this feeling of anxiety, having the ability to increase it or decrease it. Colgate is unparalleled in his power to reduce a student’s anxiety and remind the student through his comradery, without even using any words, that no matter what happens, everything is going to be all right, and that the sun will rise again in the morning.
Watching Colgate interact with women in field continues to strike me with awe and fascination. He looks comfortable in his own skin. He projects security, confidence, and an inner peace that melts the shields and defenses of the women who are fortunate enough to unwittingly witness his performance. He does this while his students try their best to mask the normal anxiety they feel while on display in field at a bootcamp. Colgate leads by example. He has infectious energy. The women are captivated in his presence as he smiles, gestures, dances, teases, body-rocks, and self-amuses. They love him for it.
On Saint Patrick’s Day, while I was busy in my own set, he came by, offered value to me in the eyes of my set, made me proud to have him as a social alignment, reminded me to lock into my set, and then exited my set. Unbeknownst to me, he was in his own set the whole time, and minutes later, when it was time for us to visit our secondary venue of the evening, he bounced his target with us, and not just next door, but several blocks down the snowy urban street on a cold drizzling night. It took some serious investment on her part to make that type of commitment, and I know that this investment is rarely given freely, but instead must be earned through solid game and attraction skill. Colgate had it, because Colgate has it. This was artful mastery.
I was busy in set for the better part of the nights while we were in field, but during the times where I watched Colgate in action, I never saw him get rejected. In fact, in all three (3) of my bootcamps with him, I have never once seen him get rejected. While I am certain that it still happens on rare occasion, it would be unbelievable to me if I did not witness it with my own eyes. He demonstrates how success in field actually appears, and he does so with a learned social intelligence of which even the hottest women in the venue take note and respect.
Colgate is an unselfish pickup artist coach. Unlike many others in this profession with whom I have worked in the past with other companies, he makes the students his priority, which is well above any desire he may have to exercise his seduction power for his own benefit while in field. He proves to me repeatedly that he is “the real deal.” I am honored to know him and to have had the invaluable opportunity to be his student. I look forward to the adventures we may have in field in the coming months or years.

Review by
Edmond Dantes
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