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Update: AskColgate’s Statement on Coronavirus

The team at AskColgate are committed to the wellbeing of our members and staff. We take pride in delivering an exceptional level of customer service and tailoring membership to meet the individual needs of each client. In line with our values we will offer as much flexibility as possible to include video meetings, extended hold periods and additional provision of coaching or live experiences. Colgate will continue contacting active Private Members. If we are unable to get hold of a Private Member for more than two weeks, membership will be placed on hold and reactivated once the Private Member is re-engaged with our services. We will endeavour to meet to all reasonable requests over the next few months.


Updated May 11th, 2020 

1: How is AskColgate protecting the welfare of its clients during the coronavirus pandemic?

Clients are advised to refer to the government guidelines of their country or country they are visiting for guidance on travel and social contact.

Video calls will replace in-person meetings as appropriate and within consent from relevant parties. All live experiences and bootcamps have been postponed until July 1st, 2020. Online bootcamps are still available until then.

2: I’m in self-isolation. How can I make the most of my service during this time?

A significant proportion of Colgate’s role involves teaching foundations, fundamentals and theory. Knowledge can be conducted effectively by phone and video. While you’re in self-isolation or having to work from home, this could be a good opportunity for you to be in regular contact with Colgate. Clear understanding of what to do will ensure better success for when the pandemic is over.

3: AskColgate offers video coaching. How does this work?

Video coaching are common practice amongst our international clients, who find huge value in meeting with Colgate by video. Colgate will spending a video call identifying your specific and unique sticking points and problems and and offer strategies, skills, tactics and guidance on how to improve your dating life.

4: I want to put a pause on dating until this crisis is over. What happens with my membership?

Your membership will be placed on hold and reactivated once you are ready to re-engage in the process. Please speak to one of out assistants to discuss.

5: I’ve signed up for an live experience and/or bootcamp, but cannot travel due to travel bans. What happens with my despot?

There are various options that our assistants can discuss with you, including rescheduling, reprograming, or placing your membership on hold.

6: I am in self-isolation with my partner and its taking its toll on our relationship. How can AskColgate help?

Colgate is here on hand to assist! We can offer various forms of coaching and therapy. Please speak with one of our assistants for more details.

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